70.3 Miles of Robotic Bliss Coupled with Deep Thoughts on Doughnuts

A Race Report from ReachingTheCrest

By mile 20 of the bike all I could think about was if there were going to be doughnuts at the finish line.  The thought of a doughnut seemed delightful.  Sadly I had over 50 miles of biking and running in order to see if this wonderful rumor was true.  It was early in the race and this triathlon was already getting hard.


Most Retirement Statistics Are Meaningless or Wrong or Don’t Apply to You

The run-of-the-mill retirement article is packed with statistics that can lead you to feel good, bad, or indifferent about your own situation.   Often it can lead you to draw a conclusion about your own situation.  Perhaps feelings of uncertainty or maybe even hopeful.  But there is a lot of information published or otherwise that is misleading.


Paying Off Debt is No Fun

Racing downwards to zero is not as sexy as racing upwards to a much bigger number.  I find it very enjoyable to see an account balance go up.  The opposite, an account balance going down, is much less exciting.   Over the years, the one shining light maintaining my motivation to pay off debt has been the actual tracking of the debt payoff.   Otherwise, it seems like an endless process with no milestones along the way.