A Few Things To Ignore When Investing

Guest Post, Troy from Market History

Happy to feature my first guest post today.  Please welcome Troy from Market History.  Troy runs a privately held investment firm and is putting out some great content on the state of the stock market.  With a unique insight that only someone in the financial industry would know, Troy is offering his advice to the masses.


How Much Do You Need to Save? Part 3

Can You Retire Early?

If you had enough money to retire early, would you? Today we are going to look at a different scenario. In Part 1, we identified how to track our expenses and why that’s important. In Part 2, we took the work we did from Part 1 to answer the question, “How much money we would need to save in order to retire?”  Today, in Part 3, we will review a scenario of early retirement.


How Much Do You Need To Save? Part 1

Well, How Much Do You Spend?

How much a person needs to save in order to retire is the most common question when it comes to financial planning.  In order to really answer that question accurately, you need to know how much you spend.

Most people know how much money they make on a yearly basis. Fewer people know how much they spend. This is the more important number to know. In knowing what your expenses are, you can better plan for your financial future.

When you manage and limit expenses, you increase the speed at which financial goals can be obtained. If you know what your expenses are you are in a stronger position to know how to reduce them.  In this post, I discussed how having less ‘stuff’ may actually make you feel better. Happiness comes from someplace other than spending.