Keeping Low Standards When It Comes to Cars

Guest Posting on Mustard Seed Money Today

I’m excited to announce that I am guest posting over on Mustard Seed Money!  This is a great personal finance blog that I have been following for some time.  My latest post is on the financial impacts of car buying.  Also spend some time checking out Mustard Seed Money, there is a lot of good content I am sure you will enjoy.

A Few Things To Ignore When Investing

Guest Post, Troy from Market History

Happy to feature my first guest post today.  Please welcome Troy from Market History.  Troy runs a privately held investment firm and is putting out some great content on the state of the stock market.  With a unique insight that only someone in the financial industry would know, Troy is offering his advice to the masses.


How Much Do You Need to Save? Part 3

Can You Retire Early?

If you had enough money to retire early, would you? Today we are going to look at a different scenario. In Part 1, we identified how to track our expenses and why that’s important. In Part 2, we took the work we did from Part 1 to answer the question, “How much money we would need to save in order to retire?”  Today, in Part 3, we will review a scenario of early retirement.