The Importance of a Cash Cushion

Establishing a financial cushion is one of the best things you can do for your peace of mind.  There is a surprising number of people who have virtually no financial cushion between them and the next unexpected expense.  Regardless of someone’s take home pay, there are a number of people who arrive at a balance at or near $0.00 at the end of every month.  Fighting to get out of this position is not only good for your financial future.  It is good for your peace of mind.


A Memorial Day Tribute

A Veterans Point of View

Memorial Day weekend is coming up.  Summer is officially here.  Fire up the barbecue and put away that winter wardrobe.  I live in an area of the country where the population of veterans and active duty military is pretty high. There is no shortage of patriotic feelings around this holiday.

The holiday originated as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868. By the 20th century, Memorial Day was created as a way to honor all Americans who died while in military service.


Why You Should Plan to Retire Early – Even if You Never Do

What would happen to you or your family if you could no longer work? It’s common for people to have life insurance. The thought of a sudden death at a younger age prompts many people to have some life insurance coverage. But most people don’t think about what would happen if they could no longer work. There is an assumption that one’s ability to work will continue almost indefinitely.


Why You Can’t Just Run. A New Runner’s Guide to Avoid Injury

I love seeing someone excited for their newfound joy of running.  From time to time, I meet someone like this.  They boast about the their past and upcoming races, the big goals they have for the future, and some sort of epic training plan.  The excitement is real.  I totally get it.  I really enjoy hearing about it all. But as I’m listening, I’m thinking that it’s only a matter of time before they get injured.  This isn’t me being cynical or negative.  It’s just being real about the risk of injury for new runners.