4 Steps to Achieve Bulletproof Discipline

What Will You Regret Most Today?

Having bulletproof discipline means there is nothing that will stand in your way or convince you to move off the path towards hitting your goal.  You are committed.

One of my favorite quotes is, “The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret.”  The word PAIN strikes me as so true.  Nearly every day we are faced with choices.  There are the simple and easy choices that hold little to no consequence.  With these, even if we choose poorly, there is hardly any lingering thought.  Then there are those daily decisions that do have consequences.

If we choose poorly, we will suffer the PAIN of that decision.  For me, several times a week I set the alarm to go off at 4:50am so that I can be on my bike trainer at 5:25am.  The sound of that alarm sometimes feels painful.  However, the PAIN of skipping that training sessions because of laziness would be far worse for me.  I can count on one hand how many early morning sessions I have missed over the years – usually because of sickness or lack of sleep.

I’m convinced that having clear goals is what makes the difference between making the right choice or making the poor choice. Without goals, we are easily convinced to choose poorly when things get hard.  For a lot of people and in most situations, the biggest persuader is ourselves.  Our minds can convince us of almost anything.  Our goals have to be so important and clear to us that we can answer any sort of argument our brain makes up when we are tempted to choose poorly.


I have a triathlon coach who teaches that one’s goals need to be clearly ingrained in his/her brain because by the end of a race their mind will start to present some really compelling arguments to stop or slow down.  Having clear goals will prepare you for those conversations with yourself.

Steps to Achieving Bulletproof Discipline

1. Develop clear goals and review them daily.

It all starts here.  Your goal is your North Star leading you to making the right choice.

2. Get excited about achieving your goals!

Tell a few select people about your goals and why they are important to you.  Post them up in your house. Text them to a friend.  Doing this will hold you accountable.

3.  See the bigger picture of how your daily habits impact your larger goal.

Know your benchmarks for success.  If I don’t do “THIS” today, I know I may not hit my weekly goal, which contributes to the monthly goal.  Walking through this mentally while you lay in bed should get most people’s feet on the floor.  It will help keep you on track throughout the day and avoid temptations.

Whatever your goals are, having them broken down into weekly benchmarks will provide a huge amount of focus.  This will start to make you bulletproof.

4. Reward yourself for hitting your weekly benchmarks.

This can be as simple as having a favorite beverage of choice after hitting all your weekly benchmarks or marking a few days where you get to sleep in.

What are your hard choices every day?  What tips do you have to staying disciplined?

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8 thoughts on “4 Steps to Achieve Bulletproof Discipline

    • Thanks Dan. I love that quote and think about it often in the early morning before a workout or when i’m thinking about skipping out on any other goal i’m aiming for.

  1. I read something today that said how hard would you go if this was the last day that you could do it. Made me really think about how I need to get more mentally tough and push through some of the harder decisions in lfe that I have going on.

  2. In terms of tips for achieving hard goals, I like to break down big goals into many small goals. That way it makes the large goal seem less daunting and more manageable. I train myself to focus on the small goals and ignore the big one. If I accomplish each of the small objectives correctly, the big one will be achieved on its own.

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