70.3 Miles of Robotic Bliss Coupled with Deep Thoughts on Doughnuts

A Race Report from ReachingTheCrest

By mile 20 of the bike all I could think about was if there were going to be doughnuts at the finish line.  The thought of a doughnut seemed delightful.  Sadly I had over 50 miles of biking and running in order to see if this wonderful rumor was true.  It was early in the race and this triathlon was already getting hard.


Why You Can’t Just Run. A New Runner’s Guide to Avoid Injury

I love seeing someone excited for their newfound joy of running.  From time to time, I meet someone like this.  They boast about the their past and upcoming races, the big goals they have for the future, and some sort of epic training plan.  The excitement is real.  I totally get it.  I really enjoy hearing about it all. But as I’m listening, I’m thinking that it’s only a matter of time before they get injured.  This isn’t me being cynical or negative.  It’s just being real about the risk of injury for new runners.