Is the First Trillionaire Alive Today?

And what Space might have to do with it

It’s hard to imagine but one day there will be a first trillionaire.  It may happen sooner than you think.  There are a number of compelling projects and people who have a chance at becoming the first.  Oh, to be a billionaire jealous of a trillionaire!  Oh please, let me have that problem.  (more…)

The Power of Frequency: Finance

This is the second installment on the Power of Frequency.   The first installment was about Fitness.

It is well known that in order to achieve success you have to be consistent.  Being consistent will put you on a path to personal growth and hitting your goals.  In today’s second post on the power of frequency, I would like to take a different look as it relates to finance.


Tips for Long-Term Investing a.k.a. Buy and Hold Forever

Warren Buffet is quoted as saying, “Our favorite holding period is forever.”  Of course, if you follow Mr. Buffet, you know that he does sell from time to time.  However, it is fair to say that for the average person, Mr. Buffet would recommend having a long-term investment time frame by using a buy and hold strategy.


Do You Max Out Your Retirement Accounts?

Should You?

Do you max out?  I’m not talking about fitness here; I’m talking about your 401K.  In my case, I’m talking about a Thrift Saving Plan (TSP), which is the Federal Government’s equivalent.  Many of my colleagues openly talk about how they choose to put the maximum amount of money into their TSP.  For me, it has become easy to assume that this is just a normal thing for people to do.


Should You Outsource Your Chores?

As a busy professional with a lot of responsibilities it seems as if the list of chores is never ending. Everyone has only twenty-four hours.  From twenty-four hours, subtract time for sleep, work, our commute, and we are left with only a handful of hours to be productive with personal pursuits or additional activities we enjoy.